Whole House Filtration – Iron Filter

for Residential Well Water Systems

Evolve® filtered water means cleaner laundry, longer lasting appliances, plumbing and fixtures.  The Evolve line of filters offer state of the art treatment solutions to your most challenging water problems and are custom tailored to your specific water chemistry. 

-Advanced chemical free iron filtration

-Designed specifically for iron and manganese

How It Works

The Evolve® iron filter uses  an air injection system to naturally oxidize iron and manganese in an environmentally friendly manner.  No harsh chemicals are used in the process.  As the oxidized iron and manganese pass through the filtration media they are removed.  When required, the advanced control valve system will automatically backwash the captured iron and manganese from the filter system and inject  air for the next cycle.  During the backwash the Evolve® patented inch worm technology slowly releases the air to prevent disruption of the filter media which could otherwise reduce the effectiveness of the filtration process.   For iron bearing water which contains iron bacteria which might otherwise foul the filter media an optional ozone injection system is available to suppress the iron bacteria or sulfur bacteria that is captured in the media.


  • Environmentally responsible. No harsh chemicals used
  • Inch Worm patented air release technology
  • Easily programmed for optimal efficiency
  • Battery backup retains information in the event of power outage
  • Wripli (optional)
  • Ozone (optional)
iron filter

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