Whole House Filtration – Acid Neutralization Filter

for Residential Well Water Systems

Central California well waters can contain excessive levels of acidity.  Left unchecked acid water (low pH) can damage metallic pipe, fixtures,  faucets and appliances.  The solution to many of these acidic water conditions is to use the Evolve®Series EVAN acid neutralizer filters.  These filters use a calcite media that effectively neutralizes the acidic nature of the water.  The systems are simple to operate and automatically backwash based on water use.


  • Calcite effectively and naturally neutralizes acid water conditions.
  • Non chemical and environmentally friendly
  • Protects household plumbing and fixtures
  • simple operation and use
  • Self monitoring and self adjusting. Operation is based on the amount of water you use in your house
  • Wripli Wi-Fi Optional
acid neutralization filter

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