Water Softeners

for Private Well Water Systems

Our Evolve line of water softeners offers the high efficiency and exceptional reliability.  The exclusive W.E.T.™ technology option (Water Efficient Technology) insures the most efficient use of water and salt possible.

  • Proportional brining. uses less salt or potassium
  • Proportional regeneration. Uses less water
  • Alternate Regeneration. Keeps system running at peak performance.
  • Salt monitor (option). Triggers alarm when salt or potassium level is low.
  • Battery backup

EVR Softener

Our EVR unit provides highly-efficient softening with maximum savings and performance capabilities. With a high-capacity resin, you can effectively prolong the life of your appliances by reducing water hardness and mineral buildup.

With innovations like the Evolve® Chlorine Generator , featuring automatic cleaning cycles, this system is truly low-maintenance.

The EVR Water Softener Unit Includes:

  • Uses a high-capacity resin to reduce hardness
  • Evolve® Chlorine Generator that automatically cleans the system
  • Advanced electronics that learn your water habits and adjust accordingly
  • Low-maintenance brine tank that was designed to streamline salt

EVR Twin Softener

Our advanced EVR twin tank softener can effectively eliminate hard water, boosting the lifespan of your appliances and maximizing your home’s performance. With our exclusive twin tank design, not only will you have confidence in your system but you will also have peace of mind knowing your family has access to pure water 24/7.

How It Works

Why not enjoy a self-cleaning unit that delivers and maintains impeccable quality? With high-performance resin, your EVR twin tank unit removes unwanted hardness minerals, and with its patented IQ2 monitoring technology, we can fine-tune your system to match your specific water treatment needs.

Evolve® softeners are designed to be flexible, using the most advanced, eco-friendly features to save you water, salt, and money. With our innovative twin tank design, a reserve tank will take over once your main tank has exhausted its softening capabilities, meaning you can access fresh water, no matter the time or day!

The EVR Twin Tank Softener Includes:

  • Double tank setup provides continuous treatment with little waste
  • Uses a high-capacity resin that reduces hardness
  • Patented Evolve® Chlorine Generator that automatically cleans the system
  • Composed with innovative technology that learns your water habits
  • Low-maintenance brine tank that is designed to streamline salt
  • Dual chamber tanks available for additional carbon filtration

EVRC Softener

With split-tank technology, the EVRC water softener offers double the efficiency in one unit, effectively safeguarding your plumbing while eliminating unwanted tastes and odors. Its high-performance resin and activated carbon configuration assure pure and soft city water.

How It Works

While cities are responsible for removing harmful elements in your water, they don’t account for calcium and magnesium. When these elements dissolve, they cause mineral buildup which lowers the efficiency of your appliances and your home’s overall performance.

The EVRC water softener system from Evolve® provides a high-performance city water solution that does more than remove hard water. The EVRC softener also eliminates the foul tastes and smells associated with city water.

The EVRC Water Softener System Includes:

  • Environmentally-friendly split-tank design
  • No need for replacement filters or a second backwash filter
  • Assures pure water that doesn’t require harsh cleaning chemicals
  • Prolongs the life of your appliances and improves your home’s overall performance
  • Equipped with a Patented Chlorine Generator that automatically cleans the system
  • Adjustable settings help reduce salt and water use
  • Includes a dual-chamber tank that performs two treatments at once