Water Conditioners

for Private Well Water Systems

Our Evolve line of water conditioners are designed specifically for the most advanced treatment of difficult problem waters. The EV1 line of conditioners is able to remove high amounts of iron and manganese as well as effectively treat low pH waters that are so damaging to your plumbing system and fixtures.  All in a single unit.  This saves expense and space. Additionally the EV1 line of conditioners does not require frequent replacement of sacrificial pH medium to effectively treat your low pH water.  The EV2 line of Evolve of conditioners has the same functionality but without the pH correction feature.


  • Iron causing rust stains and build-up
  • Hardness creating deposits and scale
  • Acidic water which causes blue and green stains and corrosion damage
  • Four odors and tastes
  • Prevents the buildup of iron bacteria inside the media which can affect the ability of the system to remove iron. This is done with a patented chlorine generator that cleanses the filter medium during the regeneration process. No chlorine is present in the final treated water.


  • EV1 models: equipped with CR 100 media, reduces hardness, iron, and manganese and raises low pH.
  • EV2 models: equipped with CR 200 media, reduces hardness, iron, and manganese.
water conditioners

Evolve Technology


Water Efficient Technology is our latest breakthrough in water treatment. W.E.T.™ is a series of patented features to reduce the amount of water and salt used.

Regenerates with up to half the amount of water as a traditional system

Does not waste salt during regeneration

Salt monitor to notify when more salt is needed (Optional)

Savings history screen keeps track of how much you save

No other water treatment solution can compare in features or performance to our W.E.T.™ features. Put the most efficient system on the market in your home to save water, salt, and money


Wripli® is one of the most advanced WiFi features in the water treatment industry and is available with our EV conditionersEVR softeners, and many of our whole house filters. Monitor your water usage, track your water and salt savings, and receive system alerts whenever and where ever you want!


There are only a few truly unique substances on the planet and our exclusive Crystal-Right media is one of them. Custom-engineered by Mineral-Right in Phillipsburg, Kansas, these crystals are a multi-functioning media designed for treating problem water. Found exclusively in our conditioners, there is no other water treatment like it on the planet.

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