Ultra-Violet Disinfection Systems

for Private Well Water Systems

For those well water systems that are contaminated with bacteria a cost effective non-chemical technology is Ultra-violet disinfection.  This system is typically installed after a filter and softener and immediately at the water entrance to your house.  The system continually monitors the disinfection process and alerts you to any potential interruption in effective treatment.  This system does not require the continuous injection of chlorine into your water supply as would a chlorination system.  The Viqua pro series ozone systems incorporate the most advanced control systems which apply the required amount of dosage based on the flow rate of the water as it is used.  Additionally the Pro series UV systems continually monitor the amount of ultra violet light that is passing through the water stream.  If at any time the system detects that insufficient amount of disinfecting light is being applied the system will sound an alarm and shut down the water flow to prevent you from drinking improperly disinfected water.

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ultra-violet disinfection systems
ultra-violet disinfection systems

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